Hello! My name is Lucile, and I'm a Technical Translator. In my position, I translate National Instruments products into French, which includes translating software UIs and documentation, art files, course material; review and edit translated content; report issues to the technical writers and developers; and test the localized software. Thanks to the variety in my daily work, I get to expand my knowledge of different tools (CAT, DTP and other internal tools). Whenever I get the chance, I also try to spend some of my time learning more about NI products and computer programming in general, as well as reading about the real-life applications that were developed with NI products.

In addition, I would like to learn more about Web design and multimedia.

Here are some of the things I do in a typical week:

  • Monday: Translate online help files and report issues
  • Tuesday: Meet with the French team and attend a training
  • Wednesday: Test the localized product
  • Thursday: Localize online help art files
  • Friday: Review a course manual translated by my peer

I also participate in the following extracurricular activity with other NI employees:

  • Mentor kids with Lego Mindstorms

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