Life in Austin, TX

As the capital city of Texas, Austin has a lot to offer. With live music events all year round, over 70,000 running trails, numerous parks and a subtropical climate, Austin is a very enjoyable city in which to live.


Austin has been dubbed “Live Music Capital of the World”, and rightly so. Every day, hundreds of live music events can be found around town. From country songs to jazz bands to Latin rhythms, you will undoubtedly find something that you like.

Theater plays and shows are also easily found in Austin. Austin’s Broadway theaters, the University of Texas sponsored events and the Paramount Theatre are just a few names to look for shows. Smaller local shows are also available.

If you prefer the movie theater, Austin rejoices many. And guess what? Several are “dine-in” style, with food and drink service inside the showing room. The most famous chain founded in Austin is the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema. Look it up, it is an Austinite specialty that you will very likely be enchanted by!

Austin is also a healthy city. So, another common activity to do is running or walking along trails. The city has over 70,000 running trails and thousands of walking routes. So for morning jogs or long walks along the river banks, you will find lots of outdoors spaces.

And of course, many other activities such as sports, dancing, clubbing, restaurants and else can be enjoyed in Austin. For more information about things to do in Austin, please refer to the following link:


Austin is also home to several well known big companies such as Dell, Whole Foods, Golfsmith, etc. With a dynamic job growth and a low unemployment rate, the economy of the capital city of Texas has been ranked No.1 in the country in 2013 by The Business Journals.


The climate in Austin is subtropical, with 300 days of sunshine per year on average. Summers are hot and winters mild, with occasional cold fronts. That is to say that Austin is a great location to enjoy outdoors activities, evening barbecues, water activities, pool parties, and anything else you can think of in a warm weather.

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